RolliTech Rollibot Genius BL-800

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Rollibot Genius BL-800 Specifications

the rollibot genius bl-800 weighs 7.5 pounds


phone controllable
remote control included
battery life


self charging
has scheduling
has hepa filter
has wifi
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Editorial Review

The difference between a floor-cleaning robot and a robot vacuum cleaner is very subtle, which is to say that there really isn't any. A floor-cleaning robot is a robot vacuum cleaner with all the bells and whistles. It vacuums, it dusts, it mops -- just like the multipurpose products they used to sell on late night infomercials. You know -- back before late night TV was replaced by Netflix. The RolliTech Rollibot Genius BL-800 lives up to its name. It's a Renaissance bot. It vacuums, it sweeps, it wet mops, and probably does oil paintings in its off hours. (That last feature isn't guaranteed.) Like a robovac, it uses its frisbee shape to slide under furniture. The dual rotating sweepers lure particles within range, where a microfilter can catch the larger debris and a second, HEPA-type filter can handle the pollen, dust and other allergens that make your eyes water while you play on the floor with your pets. And, of course, it also makes sure those pets don't leave dander cleverly hidden under the sofa. And even if you aren't allergic to the dander, it deals with the pet hair too.

Like all good bots, the Genius is WiFi-enabled, so you can use a smartphone app to schedule it, start it, stop it and even steer it like a car in Grand Theft Auto, but without as many life-endangering accidents. You can even switch it between three different cleaning modes: Auto Clean, Spot Clean, and Edge Clean. There are 16 sensors on board, so it can find the worst piles of clutter and not bump into the furniture en route. Once you've sucked up the easy particles, a microfiber cloth wet mops the floor for that freshly spit-shined look. Oh, it does carpets too, in addition to wood and tile floors. It may not do everything a good maid can do, and you may not want to trust it with counter tops, but your floors will look like they did when the real estate agent staged the house for you.

When 10 minutes of its 90-minute battery life remain, it docks with its charging station, the robot equivalent of a long lunch break. For a similarly powered unit, look at the barely pronounceable Liectroux Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

RolliTech Rollibot Genius BL-800 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Kills germs with an onboard UV light...has a remote control for all its functions and so you can steer it through the furniture maze areas of your home's floors.

Tom's Guide

It's faster it's smarter and has more features than the neato. The little bristles on the side make a huge improvement on the cleaning...I'm very pleased.

Tom's Guide