Roca In-Wash Meridian

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In-Wash Meridian Specifications

26.4" x 15.9" x 20.4"
the in-wash meridian weighs 99.2 pounds


phone controllable
remote control included

Editorial Review

Toilets: the final frontier.

We exaggerate, but only slightly. Toilets play an increasingly important role in the explosion of intelligent devices that's taking place around you even as you read these words (though it might be better if you tried not to visualize exploding toilets as you read them). They are a significant part of the robotics revolution, and not just because they give electronic engineers a place to take a brief but significant pause as they piece together the Internet of Things that has already made the world we live in unrecognizable compared to the world we lived in five years ago.

Not that robotic toilets are new. The French have been at work perfecting the bidet since the late 17th century, and the Japanese invented the electronic bidet, or washlet, in 1980. And now the Roca corporation of Spain has begun turning its own nation into a world capital of what the British so charmingly refer to as water closets.

Roca has several complete bathroom sets in distinctive styles to fit the type of home décor you'd like to have surrounding the cozy porcelain seat where you perform some of your most intimate activities. One of these styles is dubbed the In-Wash Meridian and is based largely on horizontal lines and flat, white surfaces. The Meridian design includes electronically opening and closing heated seats and automatically activated bidet functions that take care of those especially intimate cleaning tasks, the ones you won't be chatting about as you step out the door to let the next partygoer in.

If you're not quite ready for the brave new world of the Philippine designer toilet, you can go back to where the world of electronic toilets was born and get a Toto washlet, the line of e-bidets that brought us to this new frontier. Or ease into the water gradually with a Spaloo Primus toilet seat, which simply adds electronic bidet functions to your existing toilet.

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Has a built in sensor for users to control its seat heating function as well as its water temperature controls.

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