Roca In-Wash Khroma

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In-Wash Khroma Specifications

27.6" x 15.3" x 31.5"
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remote control included

Editorial Review

The words "stylish" and "toilet" don't go together naturally. Yes, a well-appointed modern home should have bathroom facilities that are as visually appealing as they are unappealing to other senses, but as home décor goes, toilets usually tend to be an afterthought, functional but not exactly designer accessories

The Roca Corporation wants to change that.

Based in Spain, the company offers several sets of matching bathroom appliances, at the center of which are state-of-the-art electronic toilets with robotic, remote-controlled bidet functions similar to those popularized in Japan by companies like Toto. To make these toilets pleasing to the eye as well as the gluteus maximus (that would be the muscle you sit on), Roca has enlisted world-renowned designers to change the image of this least glamorous of household furniture items into something you might actually invite your in-laws upstairs to show off.

For the In-Wash Khroma bathroom set, Roca hired architect Vincent Grégoire to design a vitreous china toilet with a curved seat and back designed to reside next to a matching (but backless) bidet. The seat and back come in multiple colors -- Lacquered White, Silver Grey, Street Grey, Passion Red and Oxygen Blue -- but take it from us that the Passion Red, which could be a lipstick shade as easily as a toilet seat color, is the one that will leave your house guests gasping. As with any high-tech toilet, the Khroma comes with a back-lit LCD remote control for operating the bidet.

For a look at another example of Roca's line of designer toilets, see the Roca In-Wash Meridian. And to get out of the Roca range entirely, consider the Biobidet BB-800 or the Kohler C3-200.

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The sleek white bowl adds an element of modernism. It's a fixture that’s bolder than your average commode without being too flashy.

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