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In-Wash Inspira Specifications

29.1" x 16.5" x 25.6"
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remote control included

Editorial Review

Just to look at them, you might think that what makes the Roca In-Wash Inspira line of high-tech bathroom facilities so state-of-the-art is not, in fact, the ten electronic bidet functions that can be activated by the user with the aid of a remote control, but the physical design of the units themselves. Like all of Roca's bathroom sets, the Inspira looks like it could be put on display at a museum of contemporary art without anyone being even momentarily baffled as to why bathroom sets would be considered art.

Like that other moderately well-known technology company, Apple, Roca cares as much about form as about function, designing entire bathroom sets to fit a sleek aesthetic that's easily put to use when needed for its normal biological functions, and becomes pleasing to the eye when it isn't. Visually, the theme of the Inspira is based around endless combinations of just three design elements, which they refer to as Soft, Round and Square, that can be combined into a nearly infinite combination of shapes to create a nearly infinite combination of bathroom spaces.

About those electronic functions, what do they include? The bidet uses an infrared detector to determine when the user is or isn't present so that the electronic functions will be used at the appropriate time. The toilet can switch from a single to a dual 4.5-liter flush system depending on how the button is pushed. The seat is heated, there's a configurable LED night light and the seat will snap closed or close softly, depending on which option is chosen.

While they may excel at style, you might want to check out other smart toilets from the marketplace before buying a Roca model -- e.g., the Toto Washlet, which launched the smart toilet tsunami, or the Coco 6035R , which simply snaps atop your existing model.

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With 10 functions activated by remote control...seat lights up at night and the presence sensor enables automatic control of the programmed functions.

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