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RS630 Specifications

29" x 26" x 12"
released date


the rs630 weighs 60 pounds


phone controllable
remote control included
battery life



Editorial Review

For the stay on sofa gardener, numerous options abound. Autonomous mowers exist in abundance for a multitude of applications. Robomow parent company, Friendly Robotics, was founded in 1995 in Israel for customers in Europe and the USA because, really, who else has lawns? In 1997 they released the Robomow Classic as their first official production model. In 1999, as Friendly Machines, their stated mission was to create robots that would co-exist with humans and handle all the tedious and mundane chores we no longer chose to do. By 2005, robotic mowers held the second place position in the category of consumer domestic robots, aptly demonstrating how much people that have yards hate taking care of them.

The yard management field is fairly glutted with seemingly countless variations on the basic theme. It has almost reached the point that manufacturers find themselves competing with themselves as new lines arise, reducing extant lines' appeal in the marketplace. To counter this, upgraded models are designated by working area size and newer models are designed with acreage in mind.

The Robomow RS630 is the bigger, tougher version of the RS612 able to work greens up to three-quarters of an acre, which is no small task. Owing to said inherent toughness, the RS630 is capable of maintaining grooming integrity over uneven ground and can operate with efficiency on grades up to 36%. With its Floating Deck Mechanism, it cuts in low and evenly while its light weight and knobby tires help it negotiate rough patches and soft spots. The RS630 can be operated via Bluetooth with a Smartphone or tablet or with an optional remote control device. Unlike competitor Gardena, whose R40Li auto-mower works in inclement conditions, the RS630 has a sensor to come in out of the rain.

Robomow RS630 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Love it, still trying to get programed correctly but keeps lawn where it always looks good.

Tom's Guide

Luckily, if Robomow is on the verge of running out of battery power in mid-mow, it’ll return to its home base to charge up for a bit, then finish the job.

Tom's Guide

I am overall pleased but not without past and ongoing problems and other reviewers have mentioned, the setup is key.

Tom's Guide

It really does what it should...buried the edge line about 2 cm below the soil and then took the installation of the mower about 1 hour, is simple and works perfectly.

Tom's Guide