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RS622 Specifications

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the rs622 weighs 44 pounds


phone controllable
remote control included
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Editorial Review

In 2012, the expansion of robotic-mower sales growth was 15 times that of conventional lawn mower designs. The demand for these devices has drawn companies like John Deere, noted for agricultural equipment, into the fray with their Tango E5, a fairly light duty entry from a tractor manufacturer. The one hour run time of Tango is eclipsed by LawnBott’s LB 300EL an energetic mower with a range that covers 2 acres, with 10-hour run times. Dvorak’s Spider ILD is almost big enough for agricultural use, while Robomow’s RM510 is made for little plots and light duty. This diversity of design affords consumers the luxury of custom-fitting mowers to their needs.

The basic design of robotic mowers is fairly consistent among various manufacturers, so the efficacy of mechanical function over extended use is key in deciding which of these pricey units to acquire. It behooves the consumer to consider as many variables as possible to make an informed choice. As Robomow’s line expands, each further incarnation enhances functionality, while the form remains fairly unchanged from model to model.

The RS622 owes its chopping power to two 400-watt motors which provide upwards of 4,000 rpm of grass slashery. Owing to its mighty chop, the grass is reduced effectively to mulch and demands no rakish behavior or unpleasant bagging. The triangular steel blades are purported to function effectively for two seasons before replacement. The top of the mower has a control panel with an LCD display, keeping you apprised of unit status and operational commands. The Robomow app lets you control the mower by Smartphone with Bluetooth Low Energy, which requires the operator to remain within 5 feet of the mower. Built to be run on lawns up to 23,000 square feet, the RS622 is a quiet way to keep your greenery scenic and trim.

Robomow RS622 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The Robomow RS622 does a fine job in large areas of the yard. Narrow zones as for example next to the drive way are a bit of a problem.

Tom's Guide

Installed today, plenty of accessory attached, 350m boundary wire, pegs in quantities and good manual.

Tom's Guide

Robomow cut even if it rains, and it's good. Rain sensor measures humidity with two metal pins.

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You'll have to spend an afternoon just setting up perimeter wires and creating zones...does an excellent job...does it quietly and requires very little user intervention.

Tom's Guide

The lawn becomes much greener as a result. It's also super quiet...automatically goes back to the base and re-docks itself.

Tom's Guide