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Editorial Review

Garden variety landscaping enthusiasts cannot help but note the advances in the field, and certainly in regard to the increasing efficiency attained in the truncation of grass. The autonomous mower has vastly eclipsed conventional mowers in sales growth and the market carries a wide variety of sizes, capabilities and styles for the judicious buyer to choose from. Robomow has a growing and evolving line from their 1997 start-up mower, the Classic. In 2000, a second generation of Robomowers was spawned and the RL platform became their market base. The RL was smaller, lighter, more sophisticated and user-friendly than the Classic.

In 2008, Robomow released their third generation, the ever smaller and even lighter RM product line, that targeted the appropriately smaller lawn with further design upgrades. In 2011, they came forth with the RED, a younger and slightly less expensive version of the RL and RM. Following in 2013, they saw their fourth generation, designated the RS. Presently residing in the fifth generation is the ‘RC,’ and lawns tremble with what the future holds.

The RM510 is the little guy of the line. This one is designed to tend lawns of just over 5,000 square feet, while the RS612 is where to look if your green is closer to a quarter of an acre. The RM510 can handle cutting on inclines of up to 18% with its tandem steel blades. Robomow offers an interesting cutting feature called Edge Mode, which ensures precise coverage along the boundaries of your lawn and provides a professional look, prompting gardener envy. It comes with an anti-theft pre-set PIN code, a Child-Lock and a blade-arresting mechanism which kicks in if the mower is lifted or tilted. Like all its robotic brethren, the RM510 has its charger-base from whence it launches its missions.

Robomow RM510 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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We are very satisfied with it, is also the first time a robot mows the lawn mower with us. He does that for which we bought him, so that's good.

Tom's Guide

Bought my Robomow RM510 last summer and it has been going around 4hours every day starting 12:00 and usually run to the charging station around 16:00.

Tom's Guide

I recommend the purchase immediately buy a few spare blades. This version is suitable for different zones or a complicated area.

Tom's Guide