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350 Specifications

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the 350 weighs 41 pounds


maximum speed


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Editorial Review

The Ride Scoozy 350 is a phenomenal product. From the charming two-tone aesthetic, to the striking minimalism present throughout every facet of the design, to the almost suspiciously low price, it presents a somewhat different approach to the future of ebikes than the more tricked out and pricey counterparts that mostly dot the landscape. Most importantly, the 350's emphasis on delivering a pleasant and simple experience for its rider shines through wonderfully when you first take it for a spin.

One of the most notable elements of the Ride Scoozy 350 is the utter absence of wiring - a necessary element of the minimalist composition of the machine. The next thing you'll likely note is the utter quiet of the 350 Watt Direct Drive motor, capable of up to 20 miles per hour of assisted speed - enough to get up any arduous hill or exhausting incline. The 350 is a single speed bike, a controversial choice that Ride Scoozy claims is based on their research on renters of Pedego ebikes. This, along with the utilitarian analog power control, round out the simplicity that punctuates the 350 throughout its composition.

Ride Scoozy is a relatively new company, and the 350 a relatively new bike. Luckily for them, they've entered a growing community of ebikers, people marked by their novel tinkerer twist on the classical cyclist. Ebikers from all over the U.S., the world, gather online on forums such as those on and in person at events like the coast to coast Electric Bike Expo, taking place throughout 2017. These exciting vehicles are changing the way we get around the world, providing a unique experience that allows for exercise, comfort, the experience of the outdoors, and a fair bit of speed all at once.

Ride Scoozy 350 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Significantly lighter...the bike is really easy to operate...the ergonomic grips are extremely comfortable.

Tom's Guide

The electronic assist is powerful, faster than I expected and lasts a long time. The handle bar grips and saddle are comfortable. It looks extremely sharp.

Tom's Guide