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Kubi Specifications

2.5" x 2.5" x 11.8"
released date


the kubi weighs 1.7 pounds


phone controllable
battery life


has wifi
has bluetooth
has usb
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Editorial Review

Video conferencing has evolved to the point that remote office interactions are more and more done via robot, for instance as with Anybots QB. The Anybot is a telepresence roam-bot that looks like a Segway with a monitor head. Freaky. The first attribute of a remote-presence device – RPD – is the ability for its avatar to look around its environment. The Anybot QB is not limited to the conference room, however. Because of its mobility, it is able to roam the floors of factories and warehouses as well.

Thanks to technological advances in cameras, processors, sensors, miniature mics and broadband support, desktop telepresence robots like Revolve Robotics' Kubi raise the industry standard. Kubi means “neck” in Japanese, which may refer to this robot's web-controlled ability to pan, tilt and look around. Traditional video conferencing is complex and expensive -- with Kubi, all one needs is a tablet and a few apps, making this conferencing option more financially friendly as well as easier to take from room to room -- no remote navigation necessary.

Kubi's design is straightforward: the basic package is a white stand with a mount for the tablet and two adjustable arms to lock the tablet in place. One is vaguely reminded of the conference room scene from Demolition Man. One of the many highlights of this robot is that the user can type, save and send messages or views. In addition, Kubi offers several apps and accessories -- for example, the Kubi Control app lets the user control a Kubi in a browser window and run a video call in another window. Kubi Animate records the movement of a Kubi while playing a video, then plays it back. The JACO Kubi Cart is a four-wheeled mobile platform that can integrate multiple devices, especially in healthcare settings. In terms of quality, ease of use, features and reliability, so far, high satisfaction is reported. As these robots continue to make life easier for their human employers, this consensus will likely continue to grow.

Revolve Robotics Kubi | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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This is a great device that gives you only what you need to. I used Kubi doing an interview and it is way better than a traditional video chat.

Tom's Guide

The table-top Kubi telepresence robot is the first stationary robot I've tried, and I came away very impressed with its user-friendliness.

Tom's Guide

Took a little while to get used to but after we figured it out we really like it for our meetings, it has made communicating remotely easy. It is actually pretty fun to use.

Tom's Guide