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Favor-01 Specifications

Dim xl
the favor-01 weighs 130 pounds


remote control included
Upc n
713382  133265

Editorial Review

The Real Relax Favor-01 will give you a head-to-toe shiatsu massage with its 35 strategically positioned airbags in two pre-programmed automatic modes. If that sounds a little less impressive than the number of massage variations you can get from some of its upscale competitors, it's also budget-priced and won't gouge your credit line as deeply as those models. It's small, taking up less than 22 square feet of valuable floor space. And for a bonus, it has a virtual reality headset.

So if you've been looking for a massage chair that's both surprisingly inexpensive and will fit into that hard-to-fill nook between your bookcase and your computer desk, it's worth taking a look at. If you've been looking for a massage chair with a virtual reality headset, then it's probably the only thing that you should be looking at.

Real Relax is stingy with details about that VR headset, which is a pity, because it could take massage chairs into a whole new realm -- almost literally. We like to imagine that you can lean back for a massage while watching yourself blasting off to other planets or riding the rapids on the Colorado river in a comfortably cushioned kayak. There are no guarantees that it will do that, however.

It also does zero-gravity massage, which is where it leans you back so far that gravity presses you against the airbags and foot rollers to make them more effective. (The zero-gravity position, which resembles the launch position taken by astronauts, could work really well with a good VR simulation, in case Real Relax is looking for ideas.)

The Favor-01 isn't the only low-cost massage chair in the game. Also look at the Human Touch iJoy-2580 or the even cheaper BestMassage EC-69. At the opposite end of the price scale, gaze longingly on the Fujiiryoki EC-3800.

Real Relax Favor-01 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Putting it together was pretty straight forward...The padding on the chair is enough to make it soft even with the rollers and massage parts underneath.

Tom's Guide

Amazing. Installation took under 30 mins. Remote is easy to use and quality is superb. Me and my family uses it everyday and get relaxed.

Tom's Guide