Razor Hovertrax 2.0

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Hovertrax 2.0 Specifications

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the hovertrax 2.0 weighs 27 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


battery life


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Editorial Review

The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is a self-balancing scooter of the type popularly known as a hoverboard. It's an improved model of the original Hovertrax, with some of the improvements fixing safety issues with the battery, which had a tendency to catch fire when left in the charger too long. Fortunately, the new model is certified by the Underwriter's Laboratory not to burst into flames.

Self-balancing scooters have had a bumpy ride. In February 2016 the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (or CPSC) declared that every such scooter then on the market posed "an unreasonable risk of fire" because of a problem with the lithium-ion batteries. They were quickly pulled from the shelves of many retailers, and in July 2016, the CPSC issued a product recall on several models. Meanwhile Segway, which makes its own variation of self-balancing scooters, threatened to sue manufacturers whom they claimed had violated their patents.

The products were so wildly popular, though, that they were unlikely to stay off the market for long. Razor was among the first to get the coveted Underwriter's Laboratory UL 2272 safety rating.

According to Razor, the Hovertrax 2.0 has been improved in other ways, too. The batteries are good for a full hour before they need recharging and can be easily swapped out if you want to keep a set of backups. The self-balancing technology is smoother, and it's easier to get on board without immediately falling back off. The top speed is 8 miles per hour, which is probably about as fast as you'd want to be moving on a vehicle without a handle.

Razor isn't the only company to have received UL 2272 certification from Underwriters Lab. For another self-balancing scooter that isn't likely to burn down your house, take a look at the Hoverboard Powerboard. The patent situation, meanwhile, remains complicated, so who knows what may happen to hoverboards in the future.

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When you turn the power on, the Hovertrax automatically balances itself. It's also a super smooth ride! Best hoverboard!

Tom's Guide

A hoverboard by Razor? Yes, please! I was given this beautiful blue baby as a gift and I love it! It rides great, and those front lights give a great accent to the look.

Tom's Guide

Have purchased several Razor products over the years, quality with this one just wasn't there. Wish I had something better to say.

Tom's Guide