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Mini-8 Specifications

4.5" x 1.1" x 4.5"
released date


the mini-8 weighs 2 pounds


has wifi
has usb
Upc n
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Editorial Review

The RainMachine Mini-8 is fully functional smart Wi-Fi irrigation controller. It adjusts daily watering based on multiple weather data sources, which are updated several times a day. It can integrate with Alexa, Nest, Wink, and SmartThings through IFTTT, and is cloud-independent, so all personal data is stored locally. It continues working even if the Wi-Fi is down. iOS and Android apps give real-time monitoring, and the system can be accessed and connected from anywhere. The splash-proof LED-illuminated touchscreen interface lets you start or stop a zone or program. The RainMachine will purportedly save up to 80% on water, and it even comes with WaterSense certification. It also boasts easy install, but then again, so do they all. Such devices seem smart, but it might be easier to just stand outside with a hose.

No longer the fever dreams of sci-fi writers, the smart home is finally here. There are, however, a few issues with it, one of which is security, and the other is compatibility. As far as the latter goes, smart homes and the devices therein are created so quickly that oftentimes the components can't even communicate with each other, or they're rendered obsolete prior to the home's completion. Add to that the lack of standardization for these products, and you have an extremely expensive smart home rendered dumb.

Smart sprinklers are one of these devices. However, assuming all goes well, the homeowner has a huge variety of sprinkler controller options as different companies vie for the ever-enlarging IoT market. With the RainCommander RC1200, you can create up to 10 schedules and, during rainy weather, place the system on hold for up to 7 days. The Hydrawise 12 Zone allows you to adjust the length of the watering without having to change the frequency, and its settings can be accessed by contractors if necessary. While the Toro EC-Xtra 8 Zone may not be the smartest of controllers, it's programmable, and will monitor temperature, rain and sun levels, and adjust watering schedules according to the seasons.

Rainmachine Mini-8 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Works like it should, does everything you can imagine. I had an archaic controller, swapping this out was a snap, as was the online setup.

Tom's Guide

This is the easiest WIFI device I have ever set up. Super fast and simple, the App makes it so easy to visually see what your sprinkler system is doing.

Tom's Guide