Rachio Smart Sprinkler 2nd Generation

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Smart Sprinkler 2nd Generation Specifications

small bottom hand
released date


the smart sprinkler 2nd generation weighs 2.5 pounds


remote control included
has scheduling
has wifi
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Editorial Review

Water is a renewable resource...sort of. It recycles itself through evaporation and precipitation, but the amount of useable water goes down faster than we can make it reusable And cleaning it up is expensive. So unless we want to find ourselves without water resources for drinking and irrigation, we have to use it carefully.

Smart sprinkler controllers are designed to help us use water as efficiently as possible. And to save on our water bills at the same time.

The Rachio Smart Sprinkler 2nd Generation is self-scheduling. It analyzes weather forecasts along with historical weather records to decide when watering is needed, though you're the real boss here. You can change its schedule via smartphone app, though unless you tell it otherwise it will refuse to water if it's already raining. What's the use of duplicating nature's own irrigation controller?

It's also smart enough to take your soil composition and the type of vegetation that you're growing into account. Some types need more water, some types need less. The Smart Sprinkler can handle up to 16 different watering zones and you can add rain sensors so that it will know how much water it doesn't need to supply.

Rachio says that you should have little problem swapping the Smart Sprinkler with your old controller and that no special tools will be required. And, of course, they point out that government rebates in some areas may pay for the unit, so you're both saving money and getting a smart device for free. That's win-win: Save the environment, save on your budget.

Given the importance of water conservation, there are a number of intelligent sprinkler systems on the market. If you're looking for one, you should also check out the Lono Connected and the GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub 6 Zone.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler 2nd Generation | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Downloaded the app and was up and running in 5 minutes controlling my sprinklers from the comfort of my living room sofa!

Tom's Guide

This device lacks the touchscreen display (has manual buttons), but its app and computer interface allows you to control your sprinklers anywhere.

Tom's Guide

What a great controller that is so easy to use & allows you to be away from home & still control your system. Great product!

Tom's Guide

The Gen2 connected with to my AC router quickly and without issue, The Gen2 includes local Zone control, and there are 2 additional connections for sensors.

Tom's Guide