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Pure Clean 65 Specifications

the pure clean 65 weighs 11.1 pounds


remote control included
self charging
has scheduling
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Editorial Review

If you want to get a robovac for yourself or a friend and don't want to pay for the high-tech bells and whistles that the most expensive models provide, the Pyle Pure Clean 65 could be a solid compromise that won't make you look like a cheapskate but won't cut into your retirement fund either. It has a strong if not particularly innovative feature list that includes an anti-falling sensor and an obstacle-detection function. It uses nickel–metal hydride instead of the lithium-ion batteries found in most higher end floor cleaners, but Pyle claims that it can milk 90 to 120 minutes out of them before the unit needs to scoot off to its docking station. (Recharging takes four hours.) It has a vacuum and a mop, with the latter adjustable to use detergent or just ordinary water. Although it lacks WiFi connectivity, it has its own remote control and a virtual wall that can be used to keep it away from the baby's room or any other parts of the house where you don't want it to go. (Unlike the cleaner, the virtual walls use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.)

Pyle is an audio company known originally for their speakers, amplifiers and other disk jockey equipment but in more recent years for car audio. What inspired them to move into the field of robotics isn't clear, but they certainly understand the basics of electrical equipment. So while you're not getting a brand name known for robotic cleaning equipment, you are getting a brand name, one with years of history behind it. Their Web site suggests that they've even branched out into TVs, DVD players and even pressure washers. Still, if you want to go with a company that has more specific expertise in automating the cybernetic cleaning staff, you could also look at Neato's Botvac 70e or iRobot's Roomba 760, but neither will do the mopping for you.

Pyle Pure Clean 65 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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We call him "Robby".He comes out of hiding and begins to get dirt. Does a great job. When he's done he goes back into hiding. Nice bot!

Tom's Guide

Stops 3 or more times each minute after it bumps anything. Save your money and get a name brand, not a junk like this!

Tom's Guide

Works great! Picks dog hair, dirt and dust.

Tom's Guide