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I3 Specifications

released date


the i3 weighs 14.3 pounds


has usb
build volume
8" x 8" x 7"

Editorial Review

The signature printer from the movement that birthed many a competing manufacturer (including Makerbot and Ultimaker, there is perhaps no single printer design bearing as much influence on the current state of desktop FDM machines as the RepRap Prusa Mendel.

Founded in 2005 by U.K. mechanical engineer and lecturer Dr. Adrian Bowyer, RepRap began with an audacious goal: to create a line of self-replicating, rapid prototype machines (hence the name: ReplicatingRapidly). It was the birthplace of the open-source ethos that has stayed with the hardcore makers who continue to push the technology and its applications forward. RepRap gathered a number of disparate elements of a burgeoning tinkerer revolution and made them into a cohesive infrastructure, with Arduino-based hardware, community-provided instructions and feedback, and firmware that persists in use in printers made to this very day. They pioneered the method of translating a 3D CAD file to a 3D-printer readable G Code file ready to be printed.

A self-described "lazy individual...without a direction prior to RepRap", Josef Prusa is the now somewhat iconic maker who made this stuff easy enough for the technically inclined but formally untrained. His name evokes a quality assurance effect in the maker community. It's a brand symbolizing accessibility, affordability, and more deeply, the self-realization of previously untapped creative potential. The man himself is as humble as he is inspired, eager to spread the joy he himself found from messing around with household machines.

Officially, RepRap has ceased to produce kits as a formal project. But all across the world, manufacturers of Prusa Mendel printers and kits persist. The design is minimalist, pared-down, ready to hack simplicity. Josef Prusa himself continues to ship Prusa Mendel kits around the world, ready to be picked up and put together by another curious mind who is ready to change what she sees in front of her.

Prusa I3 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

I3 Reviews From Around The Web


Overall I am very satisfied with the printer, and I think that the price is ideal for its performance.

Tom's Guide

Excellent prints on the first try. Although the price was higher, but it perfectly matches the quality and alignment is precise.

Tom's Guide

Dual z axis cause many inaccuracies during print.

Tom's Guide

Setup took a while but parts were logically bagged and instructions were written in several groups of steps, so it was a project I could do without much trouble.

Tom's Guide

You will get all the tools needed for assembly. We don't expect you to have a fully featured workshop.

Tom's Guide

If you are a novice, you probably will get frustrated because you are in control of the machine, depending on how well you set all its parameters.

Tom's Guide