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Phantom X2 Specifications

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the phantom x2 weighs 58 pounds


maximum speed


Editorial Review

With the increasing number of traditionally human-powered vehicles now being powered by electric motors, a new vehicle classification seems in order. WAVs, or Walking Avoidance Vehicles, would include electively chosen or medically necessitated physical exertion eliminators. They exist as electric push-less scooters and electric pedal-less bikes and trikes as well as medical mobility scooters for those actually unable to walk. WAVs allow people who need to go places to get there without a bunch of ambulation, like common pedestrians. Walking entails exertion and exertion produces sweat, so WAVs see to it that their operators arrive at their destinations fresh and dry.

E-bikes can be and often are pedaled, and not just when their owners have neglected to charge them. That pedaling capacity is in part what classifies them as velocipedes and not motor bikes. The throttle-only speed is limited to 20 mph, which keeps them street legal as bicycles and doesn’t require additional licensing. The Cyclamatic Pro Dual Suspension Foldaway, for instance, tops out at a safe 18 mph and is easily compacted for storage or transporting.

Prodeco Technologies has some impressive e-bikes for stylish walking avoidance. The Prodeco Technologies Outlaw SS is too fast to be street legal at 28 mph – at least without enhanced licensing – and way too fast to be barreling around mountain trails. As a mountain bike, it is best used off-road but definitely away from hikers and pedestrians, so one becomes an outlaw just finding a place to ride. The popular Phantom X2 is a very sharp e-bike that Prodeco kept under the speed limit but definitely not off the radar with its tough, matte black finish and frame design. A rear direct-drive 36V/500W motor pushes the Phantom X2 while Avid BB7 disc brakes bring it to a stop. The hefty battery delivers a 38-mile maximum range, and the 120-mm ZXR magnesium front forks and 26-inch tires smooth out the ride.

ProdecoTech Phantom X2 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Fantastic bike so far, had it three weeks. Take it to work each day, eight mile round trip, flawless now it's been three months, put over 500 miles on it, performing like new.

Tom's Guide

Very happy after one year. It exceeded my expectations of range, power and quality. Do not hesitate to buy!

Tom's Guide

Simple control interface, just turn the key in the battery, press the red button, twist the throttle and go.

Tom's Guide