ProdecoTech Outlaw SS

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Outlaw SS Specifications

Dim xl
the outlaw ss weighs 62 pounds


maximum speed


Upc n
685256  251316

Editorial Review

Since the discovery of the invention of the wheel, humans have been finding new and exciting ways to use them to avoid walking. With the incorporation of transmissions and high performance motors, we have also found ways to avoid running. Many rugged and durable electric mountain bikes exist as well for those interested in avoiding hiking. Mountain bikes by their iconoclastic nature are less about sitting than standing suddenly one leg at a time in rapid succession. Given the shape of some of the seats on these bikes, sitting might not be the first best choice, especially over rough terrain.

To contend with said, terrain various approaches are taken by intrepid bicycle manufacturers. The X-treme XB-300Li uses shock absorption on the seat shaft and front forks to cushion the ride. The Izip Ebikes E3 Sumo uses fat tires to soak it up as well as to give it a very tough, motorcycle look.

Prodeco Technologies seemed to have motorcycle in mind when they offered up the Outlaw SS. This is one of those rare products that lives up to its name. It is a big bike, and the front shocks are double-crown, 140-mm travel suspension forks which, in conjunction with 2.4-inch-wide knobby tires, soak up the jolts. A big one is the bike itself. Run off a 750-watt, direct drive rear hub motor, and powered by a 51.2-volt lithium iron phosphate battery, it will go 28 mph on throttle alone. E-bike convention is that e-bikes can’t go over 20 mph on throttle only, with a 750-watt ceiling for the motor to qualify as a street legal bicycle. Beyond that you need a license. As a mountain bike, the Outlaw SS comes up short owing to the fact that few hiking trails allow motorized bikes -- primarily because hikers tend to use them too, and little adds to scenic splendor like being plowed into at 28 mph by someone avoiding hiking.

ProdecoTech Outlaw SS | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Everything about this bike seems to be high quality. From the forks, to the disc brakes, the stem and just about everything else. It is also very nice looking... Awesome bike!

Tom's Guide

I've had it for about 14 months and have put 2000 miles on it. Its power and speed are matched by its stopping power and agility.

Tom's Guide