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T855i Specifications

4.8" x 1" x 4.8"
released date


the t855i weighs 0.8 pounds


phone controllable
has wifi
Upc n
812201  020233

Editorial Review

How smart is the Chinese-made Pro1 T855i Universal Wi-Fi Thermostat? Its backlit two-color LCD display isn't doesn't have the smart appearance of the Honeywell Wifi 9590 WiFi with Voice Control, which puts a full-color screen in your hallway. In fairness, though, a new Pro1 T855i is less expensive than the Honeywell model. And it comes with a full-color smartphone app. Users find the Pro1 T855i easy to use, which may matter more to many users than its degree of intelligence. Generally speaking, in fact, user reviews for the Pro1 T855i are quite strong, so it must be doing something right.

Much like an alarm clock, the Pro1 T855i can be programmed to keep the same heating and cooling schedule all seven days of the week or run on a different schedule for weekdays and individual weekend days. You can also set the heating and cooling cycles separately. And there's a glow-in-the-dark button that turns on the backlight. The smartphone app is simple -- possibly, based on user reviews, simpler than those offered by other smart thermostat manufacturers. This may be part of Pro1 T855i's appeal. If having fewer features makes it less smart, it also may make it easier to use.

On the whole, the Pro1 T855i is well received. And as a user, what matters to you most may be whether you'll need to call an HVAC installer to wire the thermostat up to your system. If you have to ask that question, you probably do.

Pro1 T855i | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Works great and easy to install. Only wifi thermostat I found that will work with two zone system...

Tom's Guide

Simple wifi thermostat! The app is not loaded with a bunch of stuff I would never use.

Tom's Guide

App is amazing, easy to use. First time I can actually use a schedule and have it work easily.

Tom's Guide