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Powervision introduces the PowerEgg, a pretty, well, egg that reveals to the unsuspecting onlooker an ability to grow wings and fly. The PowerEgg is a beautifully constructed flier that packs a lot into its shiny white shell. The top opens up to reveal its proprietary battery, which will keep it cooking for up to 23 minutes. 4 slats on the sides open to reveal rotors with LEDs on the undersides, while 4 more open downward to act as landing gear. Under the bottom hatch of the shell lives a 4k camera on a 3-axis gimbal. As the landing gear retracts, unobstructed 360-degree videography is available to any who dare. The controller is simple and uncluttered -- white with joy sticks and a mount for smartphone or tablet. If you get less joy with sticks, then there is the Maestro, a one-handed directional remote that guides the PowerEgg with the push of a button. Transmission range is reputed to be a whopping 3.1 miles.

As the shape of things to come, the drone has certainly proven its stylish credentials. There are dozens of them operating from the standard template, but some intrepid souls seek to break convention. The 6-rotor Drogen Lobit 320R is a hexcopter with a difference. Shaped like a Y its propellers are configured in an over/under fashion. The purple and yellow Airdog AirDog has rotors in tension, with 2 topside and 2 inverted, and the JJRC H21 looks like a big choppy snowflake.

In April 1964, a police officer in New Mexico broke off a high-speed chase to investigate what he believed was the explosion of a nearby dynamite shack. What he found would change his perception of reality, and likely breakfast, for the remainder of his days. Pulling off onto a dirt road, he crested an incline to see what he thought was an overturned car and its occupants. But when he parked and approached it, he was astonished and terrified to discover an enormous egg supported on four legs. He described an intense roar, and a blue flame, and then the egg took off, flying silently over the arid New Mexican desert to be enjoyed by others. While a delicious breakfast, the egg isn’t the first shape that comes to mind in discussions of basic aerodynamics. Sausage links, maybe…

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