Powerspec Ultra

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Ultra Specifications

the ultra weighs 32 pounds


has usb
Upc n
618996  987672
build volume
9.1" x 5.5" x 5.9"

Editorial Review

In the global world of consumer robotics, the hardware manufacturers have an innate advantage. As has long been the canon of disgruntled American industrialists and factory workers of days past, the loss of industry in America is felt heavily here. The 3D printing movement, popularized largely due to efforts by American entities, spawned several companies in Western nations. Companies like Makerbot and Formlabs burst onto the scene as heavy competitors, eager to prove their supremacy in this nascent global market and return a modicum of industrial prowess back to the United States -- both with the domestic manufacturing of these new complex machines and with the distribution of these home industrial production units.

As the years rolled on, however, it proved harder and harder for companies with production based in high-income economies to compete in producing printers. Competition from East Asian producers surfaced early on, but the shoddy nature of early desktop 3D printers made elements such as clear instructions and native language-speaking customer service extremely important, in part justifying the slightly higher price tags. These factors still play a role in purchasing decisions today, but as companies with lower labor costs continue to enter into the market with increasingly inexpensive printers, many Western manufacturers are finding themselves priced out of competition.

The Powerspec Ultra is an almost perfect snapshot of the state of the East Asian copycats at the outset of their entrance into the desktop additive manufacturing fray. Resembling the Makerbot Replicator, this is a printer whose abilities are typical of early consumer FDM machines. With some research and a bit of tinkering, the Ultra can be up and running with relatively few hitches, a mark of quality production. The savings hobbyists see when comparing the Ultra with a Replicator are significant, but come at the cost of the superior customer service and community seen with major American brands.

Powerspec Ultra | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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I own a PowerSpec Ultra. I purchased one about a month ago. Awesome printer for the price. The guts are from the FlashForge Dreamer.

Tom's Guide

Up and printing in no time. I find that ABS and PLA printing is consistent and worry free. Love this 3D printer and would recommend to anyone and everyone!

Tom's Guide