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P935 Specifications

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the p935 weighs 16 pounds


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Editorial Review

The Polaris P935 is an older version of the more recent Polaris design, the 9350, and is the cheapest of their still expensive line of autonomous pool vacuums. The P935 boasts (or perhaps, boasted) a fairly impressive set of features, including floor only or floor and wall cleaning settings, a maximum cleaning length of 50 feet, and the ability to rise to the surface of your pool at the push of a button. Bearing a more coupe-like appearance than the typically bulbous robot pool vacs, this versatile bot can be set or either 1.5 or 2.5 hour vacuuming sessions.

Though much positive feedback exists online for the P935, there exists one prominent criticism in the feedback that's tough to ignore. The so-called "Vortex Vacuum Technology", designed to create additional suction power, features a water output stream in the rear that some customers have reported as problematic, ejecting fine particles of dirt along with the newly cleaned water. Significantly, the team at Polaris seems active in responding to these concerns, going above and beyond what is requested of them to leave a jilted purchaser a bit happier. Though the potential flaw is troubling, the customer service is extremely comforting.

The robotic pool vacuum industry is one dominated by old pros who have been at this for decades. Aquabot is likely preeminent among the competition, closely followed (or even matched) by Maytronics, with special mention owed to other strong competitors like Hayward and Polaris. While the latter two are older companies with longer histories in the pool business, both Aquabot (founded circa 1982) and Maytronics ('83) were on robo-pool bots from the very beginning. Regardless, all are producers with long histories of selling wide ranges of products, fit for virtually every particular pool need, typically of the topmost quality.

Polaris P935 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The ability to just clean the bottom is great when you need a fast clean. When you press the button to remove it, it floats to the top.

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