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9100 Specifications

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the 9100 weighs 13 pounds


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Editorial Review

The autonomous pool-bot is a curious little fellow. Unfettered by pool pumps and long flex-hoses, it scurries about the pool sniffing everywhere it can go while engulfing everything it can inhale, leashed only to its power cord. Some look like odd little tanks running on knobby rubber treads, like the Maytronics Dolphin DX6. Others appear as tiny 4-wheeled cars with rubber scrubbers beneath to contend specifically with heavily encrusted or algae-besmirched bottoms, like the Smartpool Kleenmachine. As these represent the popular form for many if not most autonomous pool sweepers, their function, especially in the coves and corners, seems limited. The standard pool cleaners all have a flat bottom with either treads, rollers or wheels in front and back driving them. It seems a shorter wheelbase would offer a better chance to clean up in those junctures.

The Polaris doesn’t have a wheel base, it is a wheel base. It is effectively a tricycle of submarine suction with 2 comically over sized front tires and a puny caster behind it to keep it in an upright posture. The 9100 looks more like Max the Parrot Jumping Race Drone than a regular pool cleaner but it appears to be down with the task laid out beneath it.

The 9100 is the baby of the Polaris line, but unlike actual babies, is considerably more affordable, especially more so than its older siblings, the 9300 and 9400. As with most pool-bots, install is a splash. The control unit is plugged into a power source and the Polaris 9100 is plugged into the control unit. The Polaris is dropped into the pool and begins its cleansing roll-about. It will clean 40-foot pools but does not scrub. Owing to those goofy wheels, should the Polaris flip onto its side, it just spins until it rights itself, an interesting and useful design feature. It runs silent and deep, independent of pool filtration systems, which saves money by not running the filter for hours while the pool-bot does its thing. The 9100’s compact proportion doesn’t allow for excess debris, so the filter needs to be cleaned more often as a result.

Polaris 9100 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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My husband is very happy with the Zodiac as it works very well (although it doesn't pick up large debris) and is small enough to store easily when not being used.

Tom's Guide

It is very easy to operate, and very efficient getting up walls and around tough corners in the pool. It doesn't require you to watch over it.

Tom's Guide

Does a good job especially with a pool that was not set up for a pool cleaner.

Tom's Guide

Cleaner seems to pick up really well; however I have to run or two cycles to get it to cover the entire pool.

Tom's Guide