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Editorial Review

The Pilgrim Sofia Waterless makes a big deal about the fact that it doesn't require water to waft enticing aromas around your home, but in fact this is a common feature of nebulizing essential oil diffusers, none of which require water to diffuse essential oils. It also means that you can't use it as a room humidifier, as you can with ultrasound devices. But if you don't need humidification and your water bill is running high enough anyway, all you need to stoke the Waterless with enticing, mood-changing aromas is a bottle of essential oils extracted from exotic plants, like the Radha Beauty Aromatherapy Top 6 Essential Oils (which for some reason Amazon says are bought most often with this device). These include scents like Eucalyptus, Orange, Lemongrass and Tea Tree, any of which (except maybe that last one) should brighten your mood on a rainy day.

The Waterless can also brighten your night, rainy or not, with its LED ambient light, a feature that a remarkable number of oil diffusers seem to come with and one that should change your mood almost as dramatically as the scented oils will, especially in a dimly lit room. In fact, while most aromatherapy devices are sold for their mood-altering capabilities, many of them could serve even better as the accompaniment to a romantic dinner for two and a streaming movie on the sofa afterward. Eucalyptus oil is a well-known aphrodisiac (a fact that we just made up but that sounds plausible).

Pilgrim claims that the Italian-made Waterless is constructed from a combination of oak wood and handmade ceramics. It's attractive, though perhaps not quite as attractive as another nebulizing oil diffuser, the Trillia Mina 3. Two glass oil reservoirs are included in the Waterless's package, in case you break the first one in the excitement of the moment.

For some ultrasound oil diffusers that will also keep your room humidified and allergy problems at bay, look at the Miro CleanPot or the Serene House Scentilizer Donut. Or for an alternative nebulizing aromatherapy device, check out the DoTerra Aroma-Ace, which also doesn't require water.

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To me this method of diffusion seems cleaner and purer than mixing the oils with water.

Tom's Guide

It does have some noise when the pump is running but nothing we find to be offensive.

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A nebulizer is wonderful for the full fragrance and therapeutic benefits not watered down for a full aromatherapy experience with a cool mist.

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This water-less diffuser is beyond expectations. Its nebulizing is impressive, and the best part is that it makes the process of essential oil diffusing be more efficient.

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