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Saeco Vapore Specifications

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the saeco vapore weighs 15.7 pounds


Editorial Review

Because the Philips Saeco Vapore is s low-priced automatic espresso maker, let's start with a list of the things it doesn't have that most more expensive espresso makers do. It doesn't have cup warmers, so if you want heated cups for your hot espresso, you'll have to microwave them yourself. It doesn't have a bypass filter for pre-ground coffee, which will let you do decaf. You have to let it grind the beans themselves (but that's why you bought an automatic espresso maker in the first place, right?). You can't raise the level of the spouts to handle extra-large cups. What you do get is a very capable espresso maker at a very low price.

The Vapore is a small unit, which means that you won't be making as many cups of espresso with it as with some of the larger models, but also that it will fit in between your blender and toaster without squeezing either one into the sink. The Vapore, as noted, works directly from the beans, so you're getting a genuinely fresh cup of espresso every time you use it. You're not going to get a range of specialty drinks with the Vapore, unless you do a bit of cup jugging on your own. As with non-automated espresso makers, you'll need to froth a pitcher of milk using the wand on the side (or just use an eggbeater to froth up your own and microwave it), then fill a cup with espresso out of the spout. There are two buttons at the head of the spout to choose between large and small shots, so fill the cup and then pour in the froth, not necessarily in that order. You can set the ceramic grinder to five different settings, depending on how you like your espresso brewed.

If you want a somewhat more capable automated coffee maker for a price that's pretty much in the same range, look at the Gaggia Anima or the Gaggia Syncrony Logic RS. If you want the convenience of brewing from Nespresso capsules instead of fiddling with actual beans, try the DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissima Pro, which costs about the same as the Vapore.

Philips Saeco Vapore | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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Very easy to use and adjust for perfect lattes every time.

Tom's Guide

We weren't that impressed with the flavour of its espresso, and the low temperature of the coffee it produced was a worry.

Tom's Guide

We have had the machine for a few weeks and we love it! It makes great coffee and espresso as well.

Tom's Guide