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Saeco Moltio Specifications

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the saeco moltio weighs 18.7 pounds


Editorial Review

The Philips Saeco Moltio isn't a high-end automated espresso maker, but it has some of the bells and whistles that the big boys have and compares well to similarly priced machines like the Gaggia Anima and the Gaggia Syncrony Logic RS. And, needless to say, its price is affordable, even compared to some non-automated espresso makers. One of its best features is the milk froth. After it sips the milk through a tube from a cup on the side, it uses a dual chamber widget to produce a thick froth without a lot of bubbles in it, so it can make a cappuccino or latte macchiato that compares well with the ones you get at Starbucks. The Moltio is basically an espresso maker with a milk frother on the side, but once you put the cup of frothed milk under the espresso sprout, it will layer your drink with a quick, caffeinated injection.

Like the more expensive machines, the Moltio has automated cleaning and descaling cycles. And the spout can be raised and lowered to accommodate different sizes of cups. There's no timer you can set to preheat the machine in the morning, but Philips advertises that it heats up quickly, so you'll have just enough time to grab a spoon for adding sweetener, if that's how you like your caffeine. It works straight from the coffee beans, so your cup will be as fresh as if you were drinking it in Brazil. Philips also advertises that the Moltio's ceramic coffee grinders operate quietly, so you won't wake up any late sleepers while making your brew.

In this price range, Philips competition comes from two sources: K-Cup/Nespresso-driven machines like the Gourmia GCM5100 (where you'd be giving up those fresh beans) or Gaggia products that cost slightly more but have a nice set of features and use fresh beans. Or you could scale up to low mid-range machines like the Jura Impressa F7 or the Miele CM610.

Philips Saeco Moltio | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4.5

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Makes great coffee but after 3 months it is really slow. Now it is stopping in the middle of making a cup of coffee.

Tom's Guide

I love the fact that you can use whole beans or ground coffee in this unit. t does an excellent job of brewing and love the quick brew buttons.

Tom's Guide

Easy to operate machine for espresso, coffee, latte and cappuccino.

Tom's Guide

Coffee is really good. You can set everything yourself.

Tom's Guide