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Saeco Minuto Focus Specifications

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the saeco minuto focus weighs 19.3 pounds


Editorial Review

For those of us too, ahem, short on reserve funds for the finer, finer things in life, and yet still have expensive tastes that yearn to be satiated, look no further. Cash constrained caffeine cravers can now splurge on the Philips Saeco Minuto, and make their own delicious homemade espresso beverages at a fraction of the cost of most other machines out there.

The Minuto Focus is not without its (albeit minor) relative drawbacks. It's a loud machine, so perhaps not the best choice for early risers with cantankerous roommates. The grinder is somewhat prone to clogging over time, but good maintenance should keep any major inconveniences from springing up. The heat of the beverages is sometimes a source of complaint, and occaisional reports of malfunctioning products exist at a comparably higher rate (as would be expected) than the ultra high end devices. Still, for the price, the machine still can churn out a cappuccino - and isn't that all you wanted this whole time?

Ever since Ethiopian goat herders noticed their stock "dancing" after consuming coffee berries - or so the legend goes - humankind has entered a neurally stimulating love affair with the drink that has permeated throughout many of the worlds cultures. The Phillips Saeco Minuto Focus, by bringing home espressos to a new, tighter budgeted audience, allows this grand romance to continue in ways more intimate than previously imagined.

Philips Saeco Minuto Focus | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 3

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This machine is a piece of garbage. It filled the catch pan with water every time I used it.

Tom's Guide

The standby period is not customizable and the machine turns itself off after only 10 minutes from the last brewed cup.

Tom's Guide

I really don't like this machine. It hardly gives any espresso from one grind.

Tom's Guide

Machine cleans itself before & after and goes thru lots of water-its a small reservoir. Very happy with my purchase.

Tom's Guide