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PW-SA Specifications

12.6" x 8.9" x 13.8"
released date


the pw-sa weighs 6.6 pounds


has scheduling
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809258  770015

Editorial Review

Out in the yard, looking like the front end of a slick 50’s sports car, the LB 300EL scoots around making short work of the grass and Fido’s nerves. Inside the domicile, buzzing around Polly’s cage, a tiny airbot, the Hubsan H107C+ swoops and dives while filming the confused parrot’s reaction. And on the floor speeding about autonomously, inhaling hairballs and fuzz, the Amtidy A320 drives poor Whiskers to the top of the scratching post in order to study its inexplicable behaviors. While service bots add ease and convenience to consumers' lives, they are particularly difficult to explain to pets. As such, animals who live around them may be frightened and certainly confused by their strange activities.

To ameliorate the distress bots may raise in pets comes the bot that is their best friend: the feeder-bot. These crafty devices show skittish pets that, instead of being their hated and feared adversaries, robots are in fact their benefactors. They offer food. Few things warm a mammal’s heart like being fed, hunger often a cooling factor. While unsure of the scooting floorbots' nefarious designs, the feeder-bot makes no disguise of its intent. It brings succor. Pets can warm to its mechanical benevolence. Machines are our friends.

The Pet Watch Automatic Feeder PW-SA White stands tall and tubular, a veritable Tower of Kibble. As noted in its extended name, it is white plastic with a blue sustenance basin and trim. Food or water goes in the top hopper, program it for dispensing needs and before you know it, your pet is begging the water cooler for treats. Useful for weekends away, the PW-SA can be programmed on a seven-day cycle.

Petwatch PW-SA | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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It stores the information so no need to reset if electricity goes out or if left unplugged...Great product and better than a standard electric feeder.

Tom's Guide

Useful when away, however, there are problems with the can take the food with its paw from the outlet of the food.

Tom's Guide

Tray can be bitten since it is made of plastic. I could have given it a 100% rating if it was made of stainless steel. Other than that I was satisfied.

Tom's Guide