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SmartFeeder Specifications

11.8" x 9.8" x 15"
the smartfeeder weighs 4.7 pounds


video camera included
phone controllable
has scheduling

Editorial Review

The name Petwant suggests that the manufacturer has something that your pets are really going to want. But what Petwant really wants is for the pets' owners to want the products they sell. Automated feeders like Petwant's SmartFeeder are more for the convenience of pet owners than their pets. And the SmartFeeder has a remarkable number of features that make it convenient to owners, at least compared with other large-hopper pet feeders, a product category that's about as glutted as you're likely to find in the robotic pet care market. Unlike, say, the PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed, the SmartFeeder can be controlled via smartphone app, so you don't have to get down on the floor to fiddle with cryptic controls in order to set feeding times and amounts. And while the Esky Portion Control Programmable Feeder lets you record a voice message so that you can "talk" to your pets at feeding time, the SmartFeeder comes with a real-time webcam that lets you watch your pets remotely while they feed. All of which probably explains why it's substantially more expensive than most feeders in this category.

The closest comparison on the market to the Petwant SmartFeeder is probably the similarly named Petnet SmartFeeder, which also comes with a webcam and a smartphone app. The fact that there are several automated feeders (though not of this variety) that have webcams suggests that a lot of pet owners are feeling guilty about letting robots perform a job that's been traditionally handled by their human companions. Seeing Fido and Felix gobble their kibble from an automated feeder is at least a little bit like actually being there with them, though the pets themselves are probably a lot more interested in the kibble than in the possibility that their owners are watching. In fact, knowing that their owners are watching might make them just a little bit nervous. Sometimes a little privacy is what pets want.

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