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PF-21B Specifications

the pf-21b weighs 2.8 pounds


remote control included
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Editorial Review

The name Petwant implies that your pets really want to be fed by an automated device with a recorded message from their owners telling them when it's time to eat. (This is probably more for the emotional needs of the owners than for the pets, because the latter will probably come running the moment they hear kibble come pouring into their bowl.) And, depending on the pet, this may be precisely what they want, because food and the eating thereof seems to occupy a large portion of the domestic animal brain, along with napping and finding a comfortable place to go to the bathroom. Some pets may want more, though, like their master's loving touch and familiar smell. When their masters can't be home, though, a tray filled with edibles will probably do.

The Petwant PF-21B is a large-hopper pet feeder that looks like a large-hopper pet feeder, which is to say that it looks like a large, transparent aquarium filled with kibble with a control panel and food tray underneath, a design that's almost ubiquitous in the automated pet feeding world. The hopper holds 10.6 liters of dry food, which it can be programmed to deliver one to five times per day. The PF-21B (the PF stands, oddly enough, for Petfly) doesn't have a camera so that you can watch your pets gobble their goodies, the way the Hoison Smart Pet Feeder does at roughly the same price, but even if it did you'd probably only see the tops of their precious little heads.

This unit runs off house current (dual voltage supported) or batteries, if you're worried that the power might fail. A warning light will tell you when the batteries are running low, but the manufacturer cautions owners to install fresh batteries before leaving on a long trip out of town. If your pet is drowsy and not attuned to the unit's sound, it will repeat the voice message three times to let them know that it's meal time.

For similar pet feeders, look at the Esky Portion Control Programmable Feeder, the RolliTron RolliPet and the Pet-Mate Cat Mate C3000.

Petwant PF-21B | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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Has a remote that can be used in the setup and if you want it to dump more food. It's has a nice size for food storage...runs on military time.

Tom's Guide

Every other feeding, the pellets get lodged between the axle and chute and the unit shuts down in the middle of dosing.

Tom's Guide