Petwant Fish Food Feeder

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Fish Food Feeder Specifications

5.9" x 3.9" x 2.8"
the fish food feeder weighs 0.3 pounds


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Editorial Review

Leaving the feeding of your fish to a robot raises an important issue: Which do you trust more to keep an animal from starving -- your memory or the clockwork mechanism of an inexpensive device you bought at a pet store? In most cases, this won't be a matter of life and death. Every time you enter the room where your fish resides your eye will stray toward the bowl and, should the robot have been neglectful in its duties, you'll probably notice little Pisces spending an unusual amount of time around the top of its tank searching for stray organic matter, insects that have been flash-fried by the aquarium lights and plopped unceremoniously into the water. At that moment you'll realize that your fish is hungry and a bit of human intervention and non-mechanical care is called for.

Not that the Petwant Fish Food Feeder is likely to fail, but it's a piece of a machinery and it's not exactly engineered for the International Space Station. A couple of online reviewers have already complained that the Petwant has become stuck at crucial moments and kept its piscine master waiting, but these users are in the minority. Still, it might be better to try the Petwant out for a few weeks before you fly off to Australia without leaving a neighbor behind to take care of feeding chores.

The Petwant's mechanics are pretty simple. It can be programmed, using a single key, to drop flakes or pellets into your aquarium at several times a day in preset amounts. It can hold 80 grams of fish food without refilling, so depending on your pet population it could continue working for a while. In addition, the two AA batteries will reportedly last for a year.

Before you decide that the Petwant is what you want, peruse the competition: the Eheim Fish Food Feeder, the Nutrafin Nutramatic 2X and others.

Petwant Fish Food Feeder | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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The timer and clock are very easy to set, and the food container holds a lot of food...I have been testing this feeder for 6 days and it worked great.

Tom's Guide

This feeder worked great for a day...After the 1st day, the rotating mechanism would get stuck and not dispense the full serving of food.

Tom's Guide