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4-Meal Specifications

the 4-meal weighs 3.1 pounds


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Editorial Review

Pet-centric companies are continuously coming up with new and exciting ways for machines to feed our pet slaves in our absence. It's amusing to imagine that Kitty, once over her initial surprise, takes as easily to being fed by a robot as by a human. Maybe it's funnier to think of Spot trying to bite the bot that feeds it, then snarfing his kibble down like a good boy. But for those pet owners who have to work the long hours or want a vacation, it's better than boarding the pets.

The Petwant 4-Meal is an automatic, programmable feeder. Its design is a common one, as if every pet feeder maker works off the same template. It looks resembles the Andrew James 6 Day Pet Feeder, the Qpets 6 Meal and the Trixie TX4, its closest kin. Like the TX4, the Petwant has 4 food trays and can be programmed for up to 4 different meal times. As with the Andrew James and QPets, you can record a personal mealtime message on your Petwant. It works the same way as the others -- once you set the time and quantity, the cover opens for the first feeding and the dish will remain open until the next meal, after which the dish cycles to the next tray.

The Petwant's trays hold 2 cups each. It is rated for 6 volts, and it has a built-in clock with an LCD, a microphone, speaker, and a low battery indicator. The ABS plastic body comes apart for easy cleaning. This feeder accepts wet and dry food as well as disposable food packs. 4 C batteries are required but not included.

Petwant 4-Meal | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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It is easy to operate and to record a message is really simple...bowl comes apart and is easy to clean.

Tom's Guide

First slot does not latch very well. A smart cat could easily get it open. It doesn't really stay in place with a vicious eater but the timer is good.

Tom's Guide

Feeds your pet according to the time and quantity you preset...Comes apart for easy cleaning. Durable ABS construction. Easy-to-use control panel.

Tom's Guide