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Smart Feed Specifications

Dim 1
released date


the smart feed weighs 5.7 pounds


phone controllable
has scheduling
has wifi
Upc n
729849  157880

Editorial Review

The PetSafe Smart Feed is an unusually good-looking large-hopper automated pet feeder. It looks like an Amazon Echo that's been pressed into a flattened oblong case and holds 24 cups of kibble to keep your cats and dogs fed for a few weeks at a time when you're not around to add additional food. It's not cheap but it has WiFi connectivity, something that a lot of automated feeders lack. You can not only program the size and time of up to 12 meals using the smartphone app but you can monitor the unit's operation so that you can be sure that certain furry someone is getting meals on time. (You can set the app to send you notifications on your mobile device every time a meal is dispensed.) Or use the Feed Now option to pour a tray full of food outside of the unit's regular feeding schedule.

Despite the unit's dark gray look, the case is actually translucent so that you can visually monitor the food level to make sure the unit has enough food to last until the next time you'll be home. The bowl is removable and made out of stainless steel. It pops loose if you give it a light tug so that you can clean it, avoiding yucky kibble-crumb build-up. A special Slow Feed option allows food to be delivered continuously over 15 minutes. That could be useful if your pet tends to binge and purge, eating food too fast and puking it up undigested on the living-room carpet.

You can use the app to check for mechanical problems on the unit. If there's a food jam, you can even receive a notification. If you have multiple feeders, you can use a single app to control all of them, so you don't need to operate the feeder in the laundry room separately from the feeder in the kitchen (though it seems unlikely that you'd keep two feeders that close together).

Reviews for the unit on Amazon are quite good. Still, if you want to check out some other brands of large-hopper feeder, look at the Oxgord Programmable Feeder, the Petnet SmartFeeder and the Pet Feedster Automated Feeder.

PetSafe Smart Feed | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Having this, I feel much better knowing that I can feed her more often... While I've only had it a handful of days, I could not be happier and recommend it to everyone!

Tom's Guide

It worked the first time I started it up and will hopefully continue on working. I am very pleased with this so far. Trustworthy product!

Tom's Guide