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15.5" x 10.1" x 3"
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the pet pod weighs 3.3 pounds


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Editorial Review

Automatic pet feeders allow pet owners a level of autonomy in regard to their furry sires. While kids can be trained to pour a bowl of cereal or pop something in the microwave, pets are very bad when it comes to effective appliance use. They always overcook. Sometimes you can’t be there, and sometimes it's nice being able to sleep in without having the cat yowl for its breakfast. The automatic feeder is like a little catering bowl that shows up every day at the same time to dispense kibble to those strapped for cash. The market is awash with these programmable feeders. Some grant access according to a specific animal, like the Ourpets WonderBowl. Others look like coffee makers and can hold 24 cups of food, like the PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed.

PetSafe also offers the petPod Automatic Digital Feeder, which appears to have been designed by someone looking at a floor scale. Unlike the Trixie TX6, which is a 6-day feeder, the petPod is not meant for the owner to be away for a while. Instead, the petPod should be refilled every 48 hours or so, depending on the number of pets involved. So, the advantage of the petPod is that the food in its trays stays fresher. But you’re back to feeding your pet-buddy every day. With the petPod, you just don’t have to be there when it eats.

The petPod is best suited to cats and kittens. It runs on 2 AA batteries -- not included -- and has an LCD display as well as a low battery indicator. It is comprised of 2 trays whose lids open according to the pre-set meal times, and each tray holds about 7 ounces of dry food. Semi-moist or canned food might be okay to use, but the trays are apparently not large enough to store ice packs to keep it fresh. The food trays are themselves dishwasher-safe. PetSafe also recommends this feeder to dispense treats and medication, though it seems that Kitty might be less than thrilled or inclined to take meds from a machine.

PetSafe Pet Pod | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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We found it very easy to set...and we like the "daily" function which remembers the time you set and will automatically re-use's been very reliable.

Tom's Guide

The mechanism is quiet...very easy to clean - the two food bowls can be easily removed and washed up, and the rest is wipe proof. Great product.

Tom's Guide

The covers are a bit loose, just enough for a greedy cat to get their claws under...if your cat is a messy eater you will have a lot of clean up.

Tom's Guide

Fantastic product. Easy to use, stylish and convenient. Now I get to sleep until my alarm goes off instead of being woken by my hungry cat!

Tom's Guide

Covers open slowly and audibly for the animal (but not loud)...large enough and suitable for dishwashers...device has no ice packs under the shells thus the food dries faster.

Tom's Guide

I can finally sleep through the night...the machine can not be hacked, and also does not close automatically if the cat has not eaten...battery still works since January.

Tom's Guide