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2 Meal Specifications

13" x 10" x 2"
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the 2 meal weighs 1 pounds


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Editorial Review

The PetSafe Eatwell 2-Meal Timed Pet Feeder is about as simple as a dog and cat feeding device can be, which means it's inexpensive but it's not actually going to do more than the name says: Feed your pet two meals. Its major advantage over some more expensive pet feeders is that it doesn't just dispense dry kibble but can handle wet food as well. Still, all you're going to get out of it are two meals, so if you need a pet feeder that can handle multiple feedings over periods longer than a couple of days, you should be looking at something a bit more costly, like the low- to mid-end Cat Mate C3000 (though the latter can't handle wet food).

The 2-Meal works like this: It has two compartments. Each compartment has a timer. You set the times at which each will open and make the food you've placed in it available to your cat or dog (or really alert guinea pig). Some users have complained that their cats have figured out the mechanism, know what's inside and are feeding themselves at will, but if your cat doesn't have Stephen Hawking-level intelligence (adjusted for the appropriate domestic animal scale), you may be safe from this. Still, be warned. Also, there are compartments under the tray for ice packs to keep the food cold, but the ice packs aren't included.

The timer mechanism requires a single AA battery, which also isn't included. The sheer simplicity of the 2-Meal should make it fairly reliable -- unless the battery goes dead unexpectedly. Or your cat figures out how to gorge itself on two meals the moment you leave the room.

PetSafe 2 Meal | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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