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PetPal WiFi Specifications

11" x 17.5" x 26"
released date


the petpal wifi weighs 20 pounds


phone controllable
has scheduling
has wifi

Editorial Review

Having pets is great, but sometimes it's not possible to be present when they feel needy, leading to eaten shoes and besmirched sock drawers. Unlike pets, people have to work late or go away for the weekend, concepts foreign to the average pet mind. In times like these, it's handy to have machines take up the slack. Litter boxes for cats and feeders for everything else are devices that have made pet ownership less stressful and mess-full. There are even automatic feeders that act as the avatar by playing the owner's voice to the pet, beckoning them to dinner, like the Qpets AF- 200 Extra Large and the Andrew James 6 Day Pet Feeder. These feeders assure the pet that its human is close by, hiding in the strange food machine.

But what if you want your pet to know that not only are you close by, but you're watching it as well? Then the PetPal WiFi Automatic Feeder from PeTreaT is the programmable feeder for you. Combining surveillance with interaction means that you can have lunch with your pet every day, from any place. All that's needed is an iOS or Android device. Looking much like a re-purposed garbage can, the PetPal is constructed of stainless steel and has 3 main parts. The top contains the camera, speaker, microphone, motor, and Wi-Fi electronics, and is secured onto the body with 2 pins. The hopper/food holder is about 11 inches tall and has a round plate that screws up to push food over. The outer body, which plugs into a regular wall socket, contains the food chute.

The PetPal's video camera watches pets in real time and records, thus inspiring the new term, "curveillance." A speaker and microphone enables you to talk and listen to your pet. There is also night vision capability and a micro SD card slot to store 1-minute videos. Food quantities and meal times are adjustable for up to 5 meals a day, and you can receive e-mail notices when the food gets too low. Unlike most feeders that house electronics, the PetPal can be stationed outdoors. The PetPal WiFi may be the first feeder to offer pets kibble from a can.

Petreat PetPal WiFi | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Enables pet owners to watch their pet from the built in video camera and talk and listen to their pet and to feed their pet...anywhere in the world via the internet.

Tom's Guide

Provide your pet their daily meals at specific times, and also allow the pet owner to remotely control the dispenser, via Wi-Fi connection, using an app.

Tom's Guide

This thing is amazing...Not only do I not have to worry about feeding him in the am and pm but it keeps him lean too and the feeder sends me an email when food is low.

Tom's Guide

Contains a food reservoir that holds around 15 lbs. of food with a timer allowing for five programmable feeding times...feed them whenever is good for you.

Tom's Guide

PetPal works on wi-fi technology and is extremely easy to install. The feeder is made of stainless steel making it durable and easy to clean and maintain.

Tom's Guide