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PawCall Specifications

4" x 5" x 1"
the pawcall weighs 1 pounds


has bluetooth
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850864  005044

Editorial Review

The PetChatz PawCall is an add-on for Petchatz HD that allows pets to initiate video calls to you. Seriously. PetChatz outlines a complete training program in the user guide that supposedly imbues your cat or dog with a Pavlovian urge to activate the PawCall switch with, yes, their paws so they can get in touch with you over PetChatz HD when they're feeling lonely or hungry, probably more the latter than the former.

PetChatz HD itself is a two-way pet-conferencing system. It sends video to and from a mobile app so that owners can talk with their domesticated friends. The device dispenses treats or pet-attracting odors on command to draw dogs and cats within range of its camera, which allows owners to summon their pets whenever they like. But it doesn't offer a way for pets to call their owners.

It's possible that pets really aren't that interested in calling their owners, but the Pawcall device is designed on the assumption that they are. Once trained, a cat or dog will theoretically tap their paws on the activator to summon their owners to their iPhones for a quick chat and, if they're lucky, a dose of food from the dispenser. (The food that comes out of the dispenser is probably an animal's greatest incentive to make a call, at least when they first use the device, but later they may start doing it out of sheer loneliness if not a compulsive need to eat.)

Internet reviews for the PawCall are good, though some users seem to feel that their reviews are an excuse for an extended comedy routine about their telephone relationships with Rover and Felix and should be taken with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, the PawCall is, at this writing, unique, the only way that your pet can get in touch with you of their own volition. The price of a new unit is fairly stiff, though, even if you already own the PetChatz unit, but if you think your pet will take to it you might want to give it a chance. Otherwise, look at more conventional video pet feeders like the Petzi Treat Cam or the Hoison Smart Pet Feeder.

Petchatz PawCall | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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I'm very happy with the PawCall, especially since my dog got the hang of it very quickly! Training him was super easy since he's very food/treat driven.

Tom's Guide

I received this as a gift. Pawcall is a great add on to my Petchatz. My puppy is loving the game mode and checking in with me twice a day! Paw-tastic!

Tom's Guide

The Pawcall is a great add on to my Petchatz. My puppy is loving the game mode and checking in with me at least twice a day!

Tom's Guide