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HD Specifications

7" x 4" x 11"
released date


the hd weighs 4 pounds


phone controllable
has wifi
has bluetooth
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Editorial Review

In 1997, filmmaker Luc Besson made The Fifth Element, an instant classic work of space opera cyberpunk. The villain of the film is industrialist Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg. Zorg's office is full of robotic devices, from vacuums to shirt pressers to sanitizers to fruit snack dispensers. Zorg has a long-nosed pet alien named Picasso. Just like the robots, Picasso heeds his master's call at the touch of a button.

If The Fifth Element is an authentic depiction of the future, then the Petchatz HD may be the ancestor to Zorg's office gadgets.

In its simplest form, the Petchatz HD is a place to store pet treats. Extracting the treat is what makes it such a futuristic device. The company calls it a "greet and treat videophone." Pet owners can sync their phones, tablets, and computers to the device via wifi and open a two-way HD audio and video feed to the Petchatz device.

Owners can call the device at anytime and beckon their pet with treats and pleasant smells. The pets themselves can make outgoing calls to the owners via the Pawcall remote. The Pawcall blinks green when the user is online and ready to receive calls from the pet.

The Petchatz HD mounts upon a power outlet. An adapter is also available when the user needs to hang the device from a cage or kennel.

The device only accommodates treats from the Petchatz manufacturer itself. The design and capacity of the unit are such that any other brand of pet treat snags when dispensing. Current Petchatz users have approved the quality of the Petchatz brand treats, but brand loyal pets may be disappointed.

The Petchatz HD also comes with scent packets that spray a blend of chamomile and lavender oils to relax the animal. Several users with nervous or rescued dogs have complimented the feature.

Unlike the Petnet Smartfeeder and Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder, the Petchatz HD is not meant for storing meals. It is not a suitable device on its own for leaving a pet unattended for several days. It could be a boon to jet-setting pet owners when paired with a long-term feeder.

The Petchatz HD is one of the best-reviewed automatic pet feeders on the market. Despite an occasional video feed malfunction, user reception has been glowing.

Picasso not included.

Petchatz HD | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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I'm happy with the product and my dog enjoys using it...I would recommend this to anyone who wants to check in with their pet while at work or traveling.

Tom's Guide

The unit can sense motion around it...If you feel like your pet deserves a treat, all you have to do is push a button to have a small treat dispensed onto the floor.

Tom's Guide

The video camera and sound does not work as advertised...I'm lucky if I can give them treats once or twice a week because it always turns on by itself and then freezes.

Tom's Guide

Took a couple of days to teach them that it is not a voice activated treat dispenser. They now run to it when I tell them they are good or when I ring the device remotely.

Tom's Guide

What is actually really cool is you can use it to dispense a treat, provide a soothing scent, and receive sound and motion detection alerts of your pet’s shenanigans.

Tom's Guide

PetChatz doesn’t have any elements that could be chewed by pets, so it’s not only durable but also not a choking hazard...holds 100 small treats.

Tom's Guide