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the trail tracker weighs 64 pounds


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Editorial Review

As urban centers become more friendly to bicyclists, the number of people who enjoy them continues to increase. The e-bike makes this mode of transport even more attractive, since travel can be accomplished without too much sweaty exertion. The expanding ridership will necessarily inspire crossover, as the delights of off-road riding become apparent to the urban dweller. Because the demands of trail riding differ from those of the street, specialization occurs for specific applications. Whereas some e-bikes are strictly for street, others are strictly for off-road, with a wide range between them catering to those willing to sacrifice a little from either for the convenience of both.

In the realm of trail bikes, the fat-bikes have shown themselves up to the challenge. Named for their over-sized balloon tires, they are rugged riders and look like they have motorcycle ambitions. Some of them go upwards of 28 mph, which is a fairly good clip on trails where most things move at about 2 mph. The aptly named Prodeco Technologies Outlaw SS will barrel along on- and off-road, skirting the law with its 750-watt rear hub motor. The beefy Motiv Stout is black and stealthy with 4-inch tires for extra traction. While not possessing the fattest of tires, the Pedego Ridge Rider is well suited to off-road fun.

The Pedego Trail Tracker has super fat tires to accommodate its stated preference for sand, snow, and trail riding. With a 500-watt Dapu rear-mounted, geared-hub motor, it will pull 864 watts at peak output. Its 48-volt Samsung li-ion battery provides between 15 and 30 miles per 6-hour charge. It has a twist throttle and uses cadence-sensing pedal-assist to get up to speed, topping out at 20 mph. Not overly hefty at 64 lbs., it possesses an 18-inch, high-step aluminum alloy frame and comes in matte black. Suspension is provided by SR Suntour forks with 100 mm travel, with rebound adjustment and lockout. Gearing is Shimano 7-speed with an SIS index shifter on the right bar. To stop itself, the Trail tracker applies Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes with 180 mm rotors and uses Tektro brake levers with rubberized edges and motor inhibitors.

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Pedego is stepping up their game in the off-road category and the new Trail Tracker is much more capable than its predecessor V1, V2 and V3 models.

Tom's Guide

I have been on it ever since. The looks and comments I get make me proud. It always looks good and runs like the wind. It performs exactly as designed.

Tom's Guide