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Ridge Rider Specifications

the ridge rider weighs 56 pounds


maximum speed


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Editorial Review

The Pedego Ridge Rider is a rugged-looking hardtail e-bike for those looking to climb the mountain without a lot of baggage. But not to worry. Should the need exist, it has bottle-cage bosses for adding a rack on the back. The Ridge Rider is powered by a 500-watt, internally geared Dapu motor which runs at 18 amps and is energized by a 48-volt Samsung li-ion battery. This potent combo will charge up in 6 hours and deliver between 20 and 35 miles of pure riding goodness. The Ridge Rider has 4 levels of torque to provide the rider with versatility – pedal assist, cadence sensing assist, throttle override and throttle-only. With a 20-speed Shimano SLX derailleur, Magura hydraulic disc brakes and Magura Storm 180-mm rotors, the Ridge Rider appears ready for the off-road ahead.

For off-road riding, the e-bike poses some good sized challenges while overcoming some even bigger ones. Inclines all but insurmountable to human-powered mountain bikes are readily manageable for the appropriate e-bike. This is not to suggest that the bike will do all the work but that together, human and machine can conquer the loftiest of heights. At least if the battery is kept charged. With pedal-assist speeds of up to 20 mph, e-bikes can certainly travel faster than what would be prudent on many trails and off-road locations. An acute awareness of bike and rider limitations can go a long way to maximizing enjoyment while minimizing hospital stays and legal bills.

Among mountain e-bikes, there are many which seem well up to the task. Consider the spare, black Motiv Stout with its enormous tires which soften the impact of trails and give better traction in sand and snow. Or the cargo-hauling Motiv Sherpa with room for packs and camping gear up front and on the rear. The foldable Rad Power Bikes Radmini does double-duty for commuters who need carrying space and mountain bikers who prefer a more compact frame and smaller tires.

Pedego Ridge Rider | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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All things considered, I loved the RidgeRider and could see this performing well on trails, light mountain coditions or around town as a more aggressive commuter bike.

Tom's Guide

The Pedego bikes are high quality and very eye-catching. I finally decided on the Ridge Rider. I couldn't be happier! Love my new Ridge Rider!

Tom's Guide

Best thing I ever bought, best thing I’ve ever had, better than any car I’ve ever owned, better than any motor bike I’ve ever owned, cheaper than a car... heaps more fun!

Tom's Guide