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Latch Specifications

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the latch weighs 50 pounds


maximum speed


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691852  864690

Editorial Review

The big advantage of e-bikes for commuting is the avoidance of all the costs attendant to an automobile. The equally proportioned disadvantage is not being able to enjoy all those things which make cars so popular, including a place to stay when their upkeep has cost you out of house and home. Sleeping on an e-bike would prove difficult. However, with all the money you save not driving a car, rent should be of less concern. Regardless, you are spared the expenses of parking. Bicycles can be lashed to fixed objects at no additional cost. But of course, with a particularly expensive bike, one is loath to leave it open to the predations of people who travel around with bolt cutters.

So the folding, compactable e-bike was spawned to reduce the space hog into a little corner piglet that could come inside without undue protest. Some, like the Gocycle G3, are made by little companies with big ambitions and exceptional products. Others, such as the Rad Power Bikes Radmini, are quite the basket cases with racks to allow for more than a rider to be transported. The Enzo Folding Aluminum compacts like a contortionist and is constructed of materials resistant to rust, probably to avoid that creaking gate sound when folding it.

Pedego introduces their first folding e-bike, the Latch. Powered by a 500-watt, rear-mounted, geared hub Dapu motor, the Latch is a neighborhood cruiser that will top out at 15.5 mph although 18 mph is offered in Throttle mode. The 36-volt Samsung battery will deliver between 20 and 30 miles of range on a 4-hour charge. It has a twist throttle with Cadence Sensing pedal-assist and Wellgo, black aluminum folding pedals. For stopping power, the Latch uses SRAM Avid BB7 Mechanical disc brakes with 160mm rotors. It features Tektro brake levers with rubberized edges and motor inhibitors. Gearing is a 3-speed, 1x3 Shimano Nexus shifter with an Inter-3, internally geared hub and MN27 grip twist. Some accessories include an integrated bell on the left brake lever, full-length plastic fenders, an adjustable-length kickstand, and LED headlamp and back light.

Pedego Latch | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The Pedego Latch is a sturdy, surprisingly powerful folding electric bike... feels “full sized” and solid. It’s a delightful product but it’s not perfect...

Tom's Guide

Overall, we've found that the Latch folds easier and faster than some other ebikes. It's fun, fast, stable, and surprisingly durable.

Tom's Guide