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the interceptor weighs 60 pounds


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has usb
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Editorial Review

Cali-based Pedego's Interceptor has long been considered one of their signature e-bike models - no small feat among a lineup consisting of all-stars like the City Commutr, the Boomerang, and the Ridge Rider. A well-built powerhouse, the Interceptor offers dualism in activating its electric motor - a pedelec for more casual boosting and a twist throttle for when you want to be the modern, environmentally conscious version of Dennis Hopper from "Easy Rider."

A five hundred watt rear hub motor powers the Interceptor to speeds of up to 20 miles an hour - low enough to allow for travel on most applicable regulated pathways. The 48 Volt battery is on the better side of standard for the market, powering your ride for anywhere from thirty to fifty miles. A backlit LCD touch display on the left handlebar controls the lights and displays your speed and remaining battery capacity, and comes rubber sealed for when the heavens decide to open up mid e-bike journey. And as with all Pedego bikes, the frame is sturdy and clean in appearance, and the saddle is delightfully plush and roomy.

The Interceptor is considered a "cruiser" style e-bike - meaning it's best suited for urban commutes, suburban transit, and other, more leisurely or transportation based riding. Pedego maintains retail locations across the country, so there's likely a store near you where you can take a look in person before you commit to an expensive e-bike. Even if you don't decide a Pedego e-bike is for you, seeing these beauties in person can really help you make a decision if you're on the fence - nothing contextualizes a potential purchase like first hand interaction.

Pedego Interceptor | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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Sturdy cantilever frame design with welded battery rack...battery has a built in fuse to help protect it.

Tom's Guide

Rear heavy design...the battery is also positioned higher up which isn’t as stable while parked or riding.

Tom's Guide

The Pedego by today’s standards is fairly fast, although there are production bikes at lower price points that are actually faster.

Tom's Guide

Holds me just fine and gets me going to the top speed of 20 mph with no problem, even with a set of loaded panniers on the rack and a fully loaded backpack.

Tom's Guide