Pedego Classic City Commuter

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Classic City Commuter Specifications

Dim xl
the classic city commuter weighs 60 pounds


maximum speed


Editorial Review

The electric bike: confusing technology-shunning, bicycle-loving hipsters since their inception. As we slowly continue in the collective abandonment of fossil-fuel burning combustion engines, these machines increasingly appear to be a viable car substitute for many an environmentally conscious commuter.

California based Pedego, makers of the Step Thru Interceptor among other bikes, produced another solid option in the slightly less expensive Classic City Commuter. The naming choice seems to be a nearly direct call-out to the trendy urbanites likely sitting on the fences about sitting on an e-bike.

Sturdy, simple, and relatively powerful, the Classic City Commuter's unvarnished finish belies its "Classic" distinction. Pedego offers 4 battery options of varying strength and capacity, allowing customers to choose based on their particular transportation and budgetary needs. Pedego also claims "best in class acceleration and hill climbing" due to its "state of the art geared motor" -- although classes of e-bikes are ill-defined to say the least.

Pedego Classic City Commuter | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

Classic City Commuter Reviews From Around The Web


Very happy with this e-bike . . . the bike is great fun, and now I'm thinking of buying a second one.

Tom's Guide

When it first launched, this was one of the only models that offered integrated lights and fenders but Pedego has since added them to all of the others as well.

Tom's Guide

The bike is fantastic. It is easy to use and a lot of fun to ride . . . I would recommend both the bike and the seller to anyone.

Tom's Guide

I have had my Pedego City Commuter for 2 years, after 1400 miles it still is going strong. Perfect bike for senior bike rider.

Tom's Guide

My wife has had her new Commuter bike about 2 weeks now and she loves it. Excellent quality and well thought out design.

Tom's Guide