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EW-DE92 Specifications

1.2" x 1" x 8.3"
released date


the ew-de92 weighs 0.2 pounds


battery life


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Editorial Review

Panasonic, formerly the Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. of Japan, has their fingers into everything electronic. From televisions to industrial machinery to a share in the hyper-advanced Tesla Motors Co., Panasonic owns the electronic world, or at least a very large portion of it.

They also make electric toothbrushes.

While it may seem odd to put something in your mouth from a company that's also involved in making electric sports cars, the name Panasonic is generally a guarantee of a certain amount of electronic quality. The Panasonic EW-DE92 electric toothbrush is fairly expensive for an oral care device not used in an actual dentist's office, but it has a lot of features. One unusual feature is the Soft Start option, where the brush takes two seconds to come up to speed, so it won't shock your gums with a sudden flurry of action. It will run in four different brushing modes: White Mode, which runs the brush at its maximum speed. Soft Mode, if White Mode is more than your mouth can handle. Gentle Mode, if your teeth and gums are too sensitive even for Soft Mode. And Gum Care Mode, which puts the included Ionic 2-Way Silicone brush into action, giving your gums a maximum workout to keep them healthy.

Oddly, it does not come with a recharging stand, but can be plugged in to charge its battery directly from a socket. It uses a lithium-ion battery to carry a maximum charge, so you can simply pop the brush into its carrying case without fear of it running out of power on a long trip out of town. A pair of additional brush heads are included, along with the 2-way Ionic Silicone Brush and a brush tray to store them in.

If you're interested in something a little lower tech, take a look at the still rather expensive Philips Sonicare Healthywhite. Or scale down to the low-cost Oral-B Deep Sweep or the mid-range Dazzlepro Elite.

Panasonic EW-DE92 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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Great product. It really makes changes to my teeth. The sound during its operation is not too loud. The brush head replacement is not easy to find.

Tom's Guide

Best electronic shaver out there.The shape and feel of a non-electric toothbrush, but the ease of brushing electronic. It's also very lightweight and has a good battery.

Tom's Guide

The toothbrush itself is great, but I can’t seem to find additional tooth brush attachments at any stores.

Tom's Guide

One of the feature is brush timer pauses once every 30 seconds and twice after two minutes. Mine doesn't do it any longer after 5 months.

Tom's Guide