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Editorial Review

While hardly a robot in the conventional super-intelligent, maniacally homicidal and virtually indestructible sense, the automatic pet feeder still maintains popular appeal. In fact, try to get a Terminator to feed the cat, let alone throw Skippy a bone. So while terrifyingly destructive, most popular media bots would be of negligible value around the house beyond dealing with solicitors and such. To add a freaky element to the pet feeder, manufacturers have begun empowering the devices to call your pets to chow in your own voice. It’s not hard to imagine the sound of sweet, sweet kibble dropping into the food hopper as being sufficient.

Most of these devices are little slot machines that serve up the food jackpot-style from a laden storage hopper, like the Petwatch PW SA. Stylish coffee maker-type feeders, like the Lusmo Lusmo offer some color to the meal, while the Andrew James 6 Day Pet Feeder can even supply wet food in its ever changing slots.

The Oxgord Programmable Feeder has a good-sized clear storage hopper for the kibble eaters around the house. This not only allows the pet owner to keep a direct inventory of the nuggets remaining, but also the ravening pet to see culinary satiety directly in its line of sight. A mighty temptation for a bored animal. As with others of the sort, the Oxgord enables the pet owner to record their voice to alert the famished pet that kibble has been dispensed. The hopper holds up to 90 meals – if they’re small half-cup ones – and can deliver one to four meals a day. An alarm sounds when the programmed feeding schedule expires. It has an LCD display control panel on the back for portion size and crunchy dispensation. A recurring consumer lament is the difficulty in programming it. The power switch is on the bottom so that pets can’t turn it off while trying to figure out the touch pad. It runs on 4 D batteries which, like the food, are not included.

Oxgord Programmable Feeder | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4.5

Programmable Feeder Reviews From Around The Web


It has been very reliable, the batteries last forever it seems...portioning functionality is near flawless.

Tom's Guide

Solidly built, and difficult/impossible for my cats to break into...clear hopper is secured with strong spring clips on the sides..machine is also quite noisy.

Tom's Guide

My cats broke into this almost immediately and were able get food out...when set to the minimum of 1 cup it actually dispensed about 2 cups.

Tom's Guide

It works very well. Complicated programming but once you get it down, it's not so bad.

Tom's Guide

Pretty hard to program. After several times of doing's Great!...Overall, I think it's a very good product. I love it and so do my pets!

Tom's Guide

It works every time and with the right amount you choose. It was easy to program. I highly recommend it for people who can not be home at regular feeding times.

Tom's Guide