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OS-7200CR Specifications

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the os-7200cr weighs 231 pounds


remote control included
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Editorial Review

The Osaki OS-7200CR massage chair has a futuristic look to it, like a Tesla sports car that doesn't go anywhere but looks really great when you're sitting in it. Of course, when you're sitting in a massage chair, you probably care more about what it does to you than how it looks. This is an expensive chair, but it has features galore, like two astronaut-inspired zero-gravity positions (takeoff and landing, perhaps), 42 airbags from your neck to your feet, heat therapy, foot rollers, a power recline, and a timer, to keep you from falling asleep and massaging yourself to death. And how often do you find a massage chair with chromatherapy lighting? If the term sounds baffling -- and it should -- it involves a blue LED on the chair's arms to relax you in dimly lit rooms. An air pillow supports your head and neck pads massage what's beneath it, though according to Osaki, removing the pads intensifies the massage. (The memory foam, comfy as it is, dampens the vibrations.)

If you get bored even while the entire dorsal side of your body is being palpated along an S-track designed to accommodate six feet four inches of height, the Osaki comes with speakers in the chair's dome and there's a holder for your MP3 player. And -- get this -- you can sync your music to the vibration plates in the chair so that it oscillates in time with the massage. Best guess is that this won't work with all kinds of music. Broadway scores might get a little warbly, a bit like the singers on American Idol-type shows, and hip-hop could become totally unintelligible. But ambient and electronica could become the new soundtrack to the rolling, bouncing, squeezing portion of your life.

If you're looking for something with a lot of the same features but without the astronaut-inspired sky-high price tag, check out the BeautyHealth BC-11D. It doesn't look like a Tesla, but it doesn't cost like one either. And if you long for rolling waves and surf but don't have a beach nearby, look at the ultra-comfortable but not ultra-pricey Kahuna LM6800.

Osaki OS-7200CR | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Sturdy and of high quality...I also just love that this chair has 48 airbags. Almost every body part that you can imagine needing massaged is covered with this chair.

Tom's Guide

Good quality chair. My favorite thing about this chair is the foot rollers. After a long day of standing at work being in this chair really helps me relieve the fatigue

Tom's Guide

This is everything I look for in a massage chair. I love that this chair has foot rollers for the soles of your feet...the only downside to this massage chair is its size.

Tom's Guide

This is a great chair...we are really happy with the way we can personalize our massage...Seems very solid and sturdy, and all the parts fit together well.

Tom's Guide