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OS-2000 Specifications

Dim xl
the os-2000  weighs 171.9 pounds


remote control included
Upc n
797698  678245

Editorial Review

Name a feature that you'd like to see in an upper-mid-priced massage chair and the Osaki OS-2000 probably has it. Automatic recline? Check. Heated back and footrest? Check. NASA-inspired zero-gravity position? Check. Kneading, tapping, rolling, Swedish, shiatsu and dual-action massage? Check. Thirty-one-inch massage track for neck, shoulders and back? Check. Vibrating motor and air pressure to soothe your weary posterior? Check. Air bags to massage your thighs, feet and arms? Check. Enough length to accomodate users up to 6 feet 4 inches tall? Computerized body scanning technology so that the machinery will poke far enough into your muscles to do serious work, but won't damage your bones or miss your muscles altogether? Check. A remote control for interactive programming plus up to four different preset massage sequences? Check. A built-in MP3 player? Bonus check. An arm to hold a tablet computer so you can watch streaming video while you vibrate? Double bonus check.

The list goes on. The price of a new model isn't quite up in the stratospheric range of, say, an Infinity Iyashi, which will allow you to bounce in time to the music from its MP3 player, but do you really need to relive your dance club days while trying to relax away the aches of normal living? The OS-2000 will do most of the things the Infinity does. Of course, you can get most of the Osaki's features for even less with a Kahuna LM6800, which will envelop you in a giant marshmallow of comfort, but doesn't come with an MP3 player or tablet-holding arm. Then again, you can always use your own MP3 player, but who's going to help you watch Netflix while you're too relaxed to lift your arms? The Osaki has you covered on that.

Bear in mind that this is only one of dozens of automated massage chairs in multiple price ranges and the Infinity and Kahuna models aren't the only competition. You can begin your exploration of the rest with either of those or the ultra-cheap Real Relax Favor-01. And if you need one for a serious medical condition, your insurance may even help you pay for it.

Osaki OS-2000 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The osaki 2000 is a marvelous chair. Have been in it every night since i got it. Almost feels like a real person is massaging you.

Tom's Guide

Great choice of massage styles; good solid level of massaging. Very comfortable and a stylish-looking chair. We're hoping it lasts for years.

Tom's Guide