Oregon Scientific WMR-300A Ultra-Precision Professional

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WMR-300A Ultra-Precision Professional Specifications

8.1" x 2.1" x 5.8"
the wmr-300a ultra-precision professional weighs 1.6 pounds


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Editorial Review

The Oregon Scientific WMR-300A Ultra-Precision Professional isn't the most expensive personal weather station on the market, but it would certainly get into the playoffs if anybody holds a contest to find the one that'll put the largest dent in your credit card balance. If all you want is an alarm clock that wakes you up with a picture of sunshine or raindrops, you might want to check out the La Crosse Technology 308-146 instead. Don't look here.

But if you're serious about weather analysis and land management, you might want to see what's left on your credit account and give serious consideration to the WMR-300A. This isn't just a thermometer combined with a barometer and a calendar display. This is a full-featured data collection station for stay-at-home meteorologists. It runs on solar power, which seems appropriate for a weather station that isn't located north of the Arctic Circle or in a permanent low-pressure zone. It measures measures temperature and humidity, but also wind speed and direction, which marks it as a high-end station right there. It also collects water to give you the daily and hourly rainfall amounts. The external unit connects wirelessly to your computer and at some point in the future (as this is written) will have the option of adding instruments to measure UV radiation levels.

Although data can be sent to your computer, the station has its own separate display and data storage unit, with a color touch-screen display. The unit crunches the numbers to give you a real-time weather report with heat index and will track weather patterns over time. There's enough on-board memory for three-years of weather data to be recorded. Other units you might want to look at include the Davis Instruments Vantage Vue and the AcuRite 01512.

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I like the unit. It is well made...was pretty easy to install and included everything needed to install it except the pipe to mount it on...instructions are horrible.

Tom's Guide

Extremely accurate...Well built & very accurate readings...range is great...The computer software, app, was straight forward & easy to install.

Tom's Guide

Took a little time to get all set up...ran into an issue with the extra sensors...Just had to reset my extra wireless sensors and we were off and running.

Tom's Guide