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The Orbita Avanti will keep a collection of three watches wound and on-time while displaying them in a hypnotic rotating motion right up until its five-year lithium batteries run out. The unit is modular, so if your collection grows beyond three watches you can get a factory upgrade to add another three, though be warned that a brand new Avanti is probably more expensive than some of the watches in your collection. The case has what Orbita describes as an "exotic Macassar veneer" with carbon fiber trim that should look almost as good as the classic watches inside it, so at the very least it provides a gorgeous showcase for your collection. Each rotating cuff is separately powered to take pressure off the battery if you don't have enough watches to fill it (or take one out to put it on your wrist) and the winders can be individually programmed to meet the needs of each watch.

Orbita's Rotorwind technology swings the watches to mimic the natural motion of your wrist, so self-winding watches are covered. To extend the life of the batteries, the internal mechanism only needs power for a few seconds out of every 8 to 12 minutes of operation. (For a full, exploded diagram of the Rotorwind mechanism, take a look at Orbita's website.) The included storage drawers can hold watch-related tools or anything else you don't have space for in your smaller cabinets.

If you already have more than three watches in your collection, you can order the six-watch version so you don't need to upgrade later, though Orbita also sells winders that can handle up to 48 watches simultaneously. (These aren't guaranteed to be as attractive as the Avanti, though Orbita -- a relatively new company founded in 1997 -- seems to be trying their best to offer elegant cases.) For similar offerings from other companies, look at the Jqueen W004 Quad (which winds four watches), the Kendal Single Wooden (one watch), the Wolf Roadster Six-Piece (six watches) or the Diplomat Boxy Stackable, which can be customized to wind exactly the number of watches that you own.

Orbita Avanti | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Made in America, the Avanti 3 three is a well performing watch winder and attractive addition to a room where men can celebrate their hobbies.

Tom's Guide

Runs off special lithium ion cells...good for 5 years of power...Problem is that they aren't drug store available...when they do run out you'll need to specially order them.

Tom's Guide