Oral Breeze ShowerBreeze

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ShowerBreeze Specifications

3.5" x 2" x 5"
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Editorial Review

Oral Breeze's company name might be selling itself short.

The Showerbreeze water flosser is a powerful device. In fact, the only negative feedback it tends to get is when its owner can't turn the water pressure low enough to tame it.

The contraption has a unique design. Most water flossers are standalone products, with their own cisterns and power supplies. The Sterline Counter Top, Waterpik Nano, and Oratec Viajet Pro are all examples of the conventional water flosser.

The Showerbreeze bypasses independent water storage and propulsion. Instead, it screws onto the faucet itself. User feedback has been unanimous in its praise, apart from one who likened its water pressure to a firehose. Overall, it's a terrific option for those who want to save space in the bathroom.

Oral Breeze ShowerBreeze | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4.5

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This is an excellent device, and I am so glad I bought it. I use it on the high pressure after rubbing baking soda all over my teeth and it is helping a lot with stains.

Tom's Guide

Fantastic idea and saves the usual messy aftermath of waterpiks. Just one negative and that was installation... I love it though.

Tom's Guide

Could not use the product. Turned water down as low as possible and still could stand the jet in the mouth for very long. Too strong!

Tom's Guide

Finally a water pik that eliminates all the negatives... No mess, no filling water tanks, and always available! Great idea at a very reasonable price. Love it!

Tom's Guide