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Editorial Review

If you've been itching to get into the world of sous vide cooking, where dry food is placed in hot water while in an airtight bag so that it literally stews in its own juices, the Oliso Smart Hub Pro might be exactly what you want, especially if you have a high-tech kitchen where everything from your stove to your refrigerator runs on microprocessors. The 11-quart Smart Hub Pro comes with the Oliso Pro Smart Vacuum Sealer, so that you can pop your raw meal straight into a bag before you start cooking.

There's a custom rack that you can place inside the unit to organize your food, which Oliso says minimizes the number of variables in the cooking process to guarantee consistent results from one meal to the next. (Trust a high-tech company to use computer-programming terms like "variables" to describe their product.) The Smart Hub Pro comes in two parts -- the Precision SmartTop, which holds the hot water bath, and the SmartHub, the electronic stand that sits underneath the SmartTop and sends cooking power to it via induction, much the same way your electric toothbrush charger sends power to the toothbrush that's sitting in it.

According to Oliso, the "Patented Dual-Seal Freshkeeper Technology" will "maximize the Freshness of your food." (Whoever writes their promotional copy has an idiosyncratic sense of capitalization.) This seems to mean that it will seal up your food really tightly, without any chance of leaks. The Sealer will automatically slide your bagged food into the SmartTop to ensure that your cooking variables are minimized. The SmartTop holds the water at exactly the same temperature throughout the cooking process, further guaranteeing consistency from meal to meal. You can set the cooking temperature to the ideal level for infusions, delicate broths, whole chickens, cultured yogurt or sprouting grains -- whatever you want to practice your sous vide on.

Reviewers on Amazon give the Oliso Smart Hub Pro a very high rating, so apparently users like it a lot. If you want to try some other devices that do sous vide cooking, look at the Gourmia GMC680 and the GeekChef 11-in-1 Multi-Functional. For just rice cooking, try the Zojirushi NS-LHC05XT Micom.

Oliso Smart Hub Pro | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 3

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I also like the fact that you can remove the container and use that heating induction element to cook in any cookware that is compatible with an induction cooktop.

Tom's Guide

Zero directions...There isn't much on the website about anything but the sous vide function...I just couldn't justify that much space and money for a single use machine.

Tom's Guide

Transforms cuts of beef into succulent entrees. You can also use the base as a standalone induction burner with your existing cookware.

Tom's Guide

Twice as expensive as immersion circulators that attach to existing pots for sous vide. It's also bigger and more cumbersome...boiled water slowly.

Tom's Guide

There are seven buttons on the control panel, three of which seem unnecessary...Some of those buttons operate on a time delay, which often feels more like a bug.

Tom's Guide